Tuesday, August 28, 2007

week 9, #23


I did the Blog comments, 1 to a CCPL person, 1 to a librarian outside of our system.

Thoughts on the learning journey -
It is very necessary for info people especially to know that these Things exist and have a basic knowledge of what they are. These Things and others like them will become more and more inportant to future librarians.
I do not like putting any personal information on the web. I do not want to share my personal thoughts, pictures, books that I am reading with millions of strangers, some of whom may be very undesirable.
Many Things presumed a level of expertise that I do not have. Many instructions said 'just' do this and 15 min. later I still had not figured it out. Frustrating and a time waster. Please have better instruction.
I am glad I stuck to it until the end and glad to be somewhat familiar with the wave of the future for libraries.

Friday, August 24, 2007

week 9, #22

overdrive, netlibrary, project Gutenberg

Such long-drawn-out and confusing directions for overdrive! I never did find the overdrive media console icon. I have access to these ebooks from CCPL web site. Do I not need to set up an account? This is one more example of my frustration with so many instructions and tutorials in these 23Things. It is such a pain to try to wade through them, it hardly seems worth the effort.
I have been familiar with Project Gutenberg, so further explored this site. There is a title I may download, "The Tiger" by William Blake. I haven't read/heard this in quite a while. This is the human-read version.

week 9, # 21

Locating podcasts
I looked at podcast.net and Merlin. None of the podcasts that I really wanted to add had rss feeds. I finally added LibVibe, a library news podcast to the Bloglines.
Most helpful was reviewing the Bloglines tutorial to refresh myself on how to add rss feeds.
This was a very frustrating Thing because the Merlin podcasts I liked had no rss.
Especially interesting to me was the "History in the Movies" podcast - how movies affect our perception of history, and how to evaluate history in a movie. This would give great information for doing a 'movie talk' instead of a 'book talk'. Could be great fun and up movie circs.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

week 9, # 20

I watched 15 videos on Utube. Most were OK, generally funny. None too objectionable like many on Google. Yahoo was similar to Utube. The video I choose is "My Favorite Commercial". This is the Budweiser one where the foal tries to pull the Budweiser wagon, not knowing that Mom and Pop Clydesdales are pushing from behind. It is a feel good video, imaginative and beautifully filmed. And, of course, it has horses.
Videos could be used to enhance library programs and provide background for research projects.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

week 8, # 19

Web 2.0 awards site.
I chose Library Thing. This site has multiple ways to play with books - uses tags to sort by type, wish list, genre, etc. One can see who else shares interest in a book. There is a list of authors who use Library Thing. I liked the option to be private, ease of entering books, list of groups to see who has similar interests. The Suggestions tab lead me to titles and authors new to me, lots of which sound interesting. (Oh dear, more books I want to read!)
The charges for entering a large library and sales items were a bit off-putting, but maybe necessary to maintain the site.
Library applications could be for book discussion clubs for patrons or CARRT or Great Books committee. With this there could be on-line discussion supplementing in person meetings.
It would also be good to compile lists for projects.
An altogether fun and useful site.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

test run

test run


This is a simple document to learn about ZoHo postings.

week 8, #18

I set up a ZoHo account. Explored ZoHo features. Created a test document and published it to my blog. ZoHo has lots of features useful in library situations - spreadsheets, presentation planner, Wiki. ZoHo is a neat thing to know about.